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The Staff at Florida Keys Dive Shop Key Dives

Mike, Marcia & Jeri Goldberg

After careers in finance and law (Jeri, at age 13, is just thinking about boys!), Mike and Marcia threw in the corporate towel for a beach towel. After stints in Hawaii, British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, they are settling in quite nicely here in the Keys. What they love most about the diving here are the fishy reefs, especially in comparison to the Caribbean. After spending so many years diving the Caribbean, Mike and Marcia started Key Dives over 10 years ago with one main goal, to provide divers not only a beautiful dive but an unmatched level of customer service. Teaching families to dive and introducing young people to the beauties of the underwater world is something they love. Finding and identifying the small critters for their divers is also a passion. Try to challenge them and find a critter they don’t’ know – it can be done but with over 14,000 dives between them these two have seen quite a bit!

Ken Wangen – Captain/PADI Divemaster

Born and Raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Ken worked in the advertising field for 25 years, traveling most of the U.S.  He has lived in the midwest, west coast, east coast and now resides in paradise with a dream job!  He has two children and three grand kids, making family a central part of his life. His hobbies include (but not limited to) Fishing, diving, football, love to travel, and of course visiting family.

Jason Adams – Captain/PADI MSDT Instructor & SSI Instructor

After a tour with the US Marine Corps in Kuwait, and a 20-year “corporate world” sales career, Captain Jason shed his suit and tie grabbed his, board shorts and flip flops, and headed south to the islands.

Islamorada being his new home and diving being his passion. Jason now spends most of his time in the ocean as a PADI MSDT or on the ocean as a USCG Master Captain.

Jeray “Newman” Norman – USCG Captain and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Newman, as he is known by all here, is eclectic, funny and is someone you would enjoy talking stories with over a cold beer at The Florida Keys Brewing Company, and boy does he have some stories to tell!  Originally from Oklahoma, Newman grew up moving all over the USA and has worked various strange jobs (for example he once made Q-tips). He served in the US Army, the US Army National Guard, and did a short stint in West Africa with the US Peace Corps before working as a seasonal employee for the USDA Forest Service, a position he still holds each winter.

He began diving in a rock quarry in Missouri and was not real impressed…. but during a vacation in Barbados, West Indies, he fell in love with warm water, coral and colorful fish. That and a beautiful island girl led to him doing an internship as a dive master in Barbados, which led to him becoming a scuba instructor in Florida before becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer in the US Virgin Islands.  We are lucky to have such a fun loving and spirited person working for Key Dives during our busy summer months.

John Bruen – PADI Staff Instructor, SSI Instructor      

Originally from Iowa, John spent most of his life land locked in the Midwest, far from the sea.  After a 20 year career in retail management,  John decided to check out of the rat race, take control of his own happiness and follow his dream.  Liquidating everything he owned, he moved to the Dominican Republic and completed his instructor training.  Now he does what he loves most, teaching others to dive and sharing the sheer beauty of the underwater world.

Rafael Kubiak, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and PADI Elite Instructor

Hailing from Poland and Germany, Rafael made his first dive at age 8 when his Navy diver father threw him in the water to see how he would do.  Rafael quickly proclaimed to his dad that he would never dive again.  By the time he was 16 he was enrolled in a Navy military school and became a Navy diver!  After the Navy, Rafael played professional volleyball playing first division in the German League.  Once his spiking days ended, he became a dive instructor in 2013.  Now, at 6’6”, his height can be intimidating, but Rafael is one of our most sought-after instructors by those seeking a soft handed approach in a German efficiency kind of way!

Hayley Martin, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Born and raised in Monona, Wi. Having started competitive swimming at age 6 the water has alwasy been central to her life. Hayley attended the University of Nebraska on a swimming scholarship where she competed at the national level and obtained a BSc in conservation biology. She then started a career as a zoo keeper and animal trainer. She is now seeking further education in wildlife forensic science from the University of Florida. Her career in animal training took her to Bayworld in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Working with penguins and fur seals she fell in love ocean. After moving to Thailand she became a PADI Staff Instructor. She is now pursuing her love of the ocean and conservation as a SCUBA guide and teacher.