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Florida Keys Dives Sites

We have over 60 dive sites in the Florida Keys that we visit regularly. This list is just a handful so you have an idea why the diving here is awesome!

Alligator Reef:  25’ – OMG what an amazing dive.  A must-see on any dive trip, packed with the most fish imaginable.  Currently, 189 species have been positively identified at this site.

Alligator Deep:  60-95’  – With approximately 30’ of relief, this site is great when looking for 400- 600-plus-pound Goliath groupers hiding under the deep overhangs.

Blue Parrot:  30 – 50’  – As the name indicates, Blue Parrot is the place to look for these beautiful fish in the scruffy hard pad.  This is also a great site for drift diving.

Bluff, The: 40 – 60’ – The Bluff is a beautiful ledge along a sand channel that makes a curved pit that looks like a bluff. Watch over the sand for numerous hogfish and garden eels.

Captain Foolish:  50-90’  – This is a gorgeous dive that gets its name from all the lost anchors in the rather small sand patch.  It is a tough place to anchor (obviously) and can only be dived on calm days, otherwise we might have to call our captain “captain foolish!”

Cindy’s Corner: Named after a former Key Dives captain, Cindy’s Corner is soft sand meets a spur-and-groove reef at 45’.  Look in the sand for stingrays and blue parrots at the edge of the reef.

Capt. Arnos: 25-30’ –  Now this is one fishy site, with huge schools of rainbow, midnight and blue parrots off the west side.  It has beautiful pillar coral off the north side, and on the east side you will typically find green eels and nurse sharks under the ledge.

Capt.  Grumpy: 30’  –  I don’t know the story behind the name of this site, but I don’t know how you could be grumpy after seeing the huge schools of yellowtail snapper, tomtates, eels of all types including spotted, green and viper, numerous nurse sharks and lobster (though early in the lobster season!).

Crater:  50-90’  – Starting in a sand pit at 50’, follow the spur and groove coral structures to the drop off at 90’.  Large coral structures with beautiful schools of grunts.  Explore the west side of the pit where we frequently see a large school of southern sennets, typically over 100 in the school.

Crater Jr.:  30-50’ –  Not as deep as Crater but with similar features.  One of the few places we have seen batfish.

Danny’s Drop: 60-90’  A fantastic sloping coral shelf great for chance to see some large critters, grouper, shark etc.

Eagle Wreck:  75-115’  – Super cool wreck where we see large schools of horse eye jacks, blue runners, rainbow runners, Atlantic spacefish and tom tate.  We frequently see huge Goliath grouper with one resident exceeding 700 lbs!  We also see hawksbill turtles eating the sponges as well as bull sharks cruising the bottom.

Islamorada Fingers:  40-70’  – Large sand channels, ideal for seeing spotted eagle rays, surround very tall spur and groove formations.

Jumpin’ Mack:  30-60’ –  One day we saw a bunch of mackerel jumping out of the water.  We dropped anchor and we were not disappointed.  From big to little this site has it.  Frequent sighting of viper eels, and harlequin pipefish.  It is also a great place to begin a drift dive.

Lionshead:  50’-90’  –  Named initially for the prolific number of lionfish.  This site begins as a spur and groove that drops to 90’ with free standing coral heads and a very large overhanging ledge.  Big grouper are common as are hammerhead sightings over the sand.

Maze:  30’ –   A super cool patch reef where the small unique critter abound.  Look for sail fin blennies, pike blennies and jaw fish (you may even be lucky enough to see one carrying eggs in its mouth).

Morada:  20 – 25’  –  This is one purple reef (“morada” is purple in Spanish) from the flowing purple gorgonians to the swaying purple soft corals.  A customer favorite if you like a lot of color.

Pervis:  35-45’ –  A perfect site for drifting, seeing blue parrots, culling lionfish, and much more.  Beautiful hard corals including large star coral structure and big barrel sponges are a prominent feature.

Rocky Top:  25’  – A Tennessee Volunteer favorite!  This site has the healthiest corals of any site we dive.  We can see everything here and that really means everything.  With huge schools of tomtate and small mouth grunts, this site is the only place we have seen the very rare splendid flat worm – super cool!

Victory:  40-90’  – The reef forms a “v” shape where it meets the sand.  Very large coral structures in a loose spur and groove formation.  A spectacular reef where anything can be seen.  Drifting from here can be special especially around 90’.