Florida Keys Spearfishing

Islamorada Spearfishing with Key Dives

Key Dives brings back responsible and safe spearfishing to Islamorada. Key Dives is your ideal partner for spearfishing in Islamorada. Our highly-trained staff can train or guide you in ideal spearfishing policies and regulations.

When spearing with Key Dives, you are on a boat dedicated to spearfishing. Recreational divers and snorkelers are always on a separate boat. We believe this is proper etiquette for all. This means we take you to prime spearfishing spots without compromise.


$600:  Half-day charter for up to 6 divers on Diversion.  Includes Captain, mate, tanks and weights.  Guides are an extra $100, 2 to 1 max ratio.

$100: Two tank dive on Diversion.   For experienced spear fishers, no guide is required.  Must show proof of 10 logged spearing dives.

$150:  Two tank dive on Diversion for those who would like or require a guide.

$25:  Gun rental.

For more Information about Spearfishing Please Contact Us